God's Fulness of Time


As we've been conveying to you over the past few weeks, "God wants to elevate our faith and bring each of our lives into agreement with the promises He gave us in the Word of God

To discount the things God is desirous of doing or neglecting to bring our individual lives into agreement with His will by our unwavering obedience, causes us to forfeit many of the things that He has already declared are supposed to be part of our lives.

This season of manifestation has come upon those who will believe that it has. The pleroo season that is berthed out of God's fullness of times has been released in the earth and it's up to the people of God to embrace it.

If we do not understand seasons of God, you can remain in a situation much longer than you anticipate.

Many of the people of God have gone through a season or period of time that appeared to contradict the very promises that God made to them. They believed God for one thing and the exact opposite happened.

The reality is that the season they were in appeared to intensify instead of dissipate and they found their faith challenged to the point where the enemy almost won and got them to settle for a life of normalcy whereas they settled for a religious experience that is normal instead of pressing into what God has for them and being positioned for the fulfillment of the promises of God which will manifest through faith and patience.

Again, supporting the season we left and season that we are entering, Galatians 4:4 states:

But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born  of a woman, born under the law, 5 to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.

I want to keep this in front of you so as the year progresses, you will not easily forget it. Because we have been moved into a new season, it does not mean that what God promised will manifest without further challenge to your faith.

I've said many times that "A challenge to what God said does not change what He promised you “ one bit

Remember the first Greek word I shared that validates the season we've entered into was "Pleroma. This pleroma  or "fullness indicates "the closing of one season and the beginning of another

The season that closed that had much more adversity than many of us would like to have had has given way to the "pleroo season.

This pleroo season [which is the noun that pleroma is derived from] is a season or period of time that indicates "The manifestation of that which has been promised

As the scripture says in Galatians 4, "But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent¦ This referencing the coming of the Christ referred to as the Incarnation, is the precept that reveals a much inclusive principle.

First, nothing lasts forever because just as sin ran its course for thousands of years because of the sin Adam committed in the Garden of Eden, and the people of God were lost because of that transgression, the fact is that "There came a season that could not be stopped by the devil, the demons that serve him or anything else in all creation

The season of sin [which stood in opposition to God's promise of Genesis 3:15, 16] had to bow its knee to the new season of righteousness that was approaching the earth.

This principle stands true today as the season many of the people of God experienced over the past few years has run its course and has given way to a season of manifestation and fulfillment of what od promised.

To think that the only thing God is trying to bring His people into is having a little more money, causes us to miss the entire purpose for us being saved.

The fact that God granted us salvation that includes:

  • Having our consciences freed from the guilt and shame of our past sinful lifestyle;
  • Being free from the various forms that fear comes in with the intent of paralyzing us and making us ineffective not only in the Kingdom of God but in life in general
  • Being free from the bondages of the past that people put us in and tried to destroy us purposely or unintentionally
  • Being free from the hurt and pain that changed our entire persona from being someone that may have been an
  • Free from the mental torment associated with past decisions we made or that come as a consequence of living in an imperfect world.     
  • Giving peace when our hearts and lives are racing
  • Allowing God's love to govern our lives replacing a heart that was bent on lust
  • Restoring the joy of the Lord that was stolen from us, therefore stealing the strength that is necessary for us to live a successful life
  • Restoring the very hope of eternity that is promised to every person that calls on the Name of the Lord

These are just some of the "mental benefits of walking with God that is being restored.

Having a right mental attitude will also give you the positive mindset necessary to secure the physical promises of God. It's is often a mental block that keeps us from having the ability to fully trust what God is saying and is desirous of doing.

The year is in its infancy stage with many days and weeks ahead. Looking at it from the perspective of being a season, this year is preparing to thrust our lives into purpose and destiny. We are now being "positioned for the remainder of our lives in the earth.

What God is doing is not going to stop when next year comes. The wisdom we gained from the experiences of the past is going to keep us on track for the rest of our lives.

The things that God said will be so and our increased life will not be a hope and a wish, but manifested because we displayed a life of consistent faith.

Because this increased life is based on faith, you will have supportive Scriptures that will serve as an anchor for your soul when that life is challenged in the future.

The difference between the challenges of the past and the challenges of the future is that in the past "You were challenged to keep you from stepping into what God promised. The challenge of the future is "Opposing your manifested promises trying to get you to give up what you have. You will still have a fight, but a different type of enemy.

Therefore, to get to where God wants you to be you must settle in your heart what God is saying specifically to you.

I know that I've been carrying around a promise that I wrapped my heart around on January 2 that I've been considering and bathing in prayer for this year.

In my personal Bible reading, I was in Psalm 65 and verse 11 jumped out at me as if God shined a spotlight on it. It says:

11 You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.

Maybe it was the timing that stuck out because it is the very beginning of a new year or maybe because it affirmed what is already in my heart for my future; but knowing that the promises of God are secured by faith and patience, the first thing I did was meditate on it; search it out some more and allow the Holy Ghost to further settle in my heart that this was God speaking to me FOR THIS YEAR!

Knowing that we've entered a season of manifestation where we will experience the promises of God, today my hope is that you will also wrap your heart around this “ at least agreeing that God will cause this promise to be lived out in me this year.

But extending faith in this promise of God for your own life is really what I want you to do. I want you to set your life on a course that will change the direction you have been going in for years and establish you in a place where you live out what God promised you in His Word.

The New Living Translation gives a greater understanding of God's intent here.

11 You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.

Taking this at face value, it is a great promise that most anyone would love to experience while going through the earth. However there's more to it.

This crowning means "to abundantly bless someone, to shower them with something; in context God's approval and blessing (Ps. 5:12 [13]).

As mentioned referencing the year, this year becomes a "portal [gateway, doorway, opening or an entrance] into a season filled with the provision of God. When the year crosses into the next one, there will still be provision and wisdom that we gained from the season that we exited and the new season that we entered.

Therefore we are actually setting our lives up to enjoy the latter years as the Scriptures say that your latter will be greater than your past.

The goodness of God or His bountiful harvest [generous, abundant  that's mentioned is something that's well-pleasing, fruitful, morally correct, proper, convenient.

It describes that which is "appealing and pleasant to the senses; is useful and profitable; is abundant and plentiful; is kind and benevolent; and bears a general state of well-being or happiness

What is good and we're supposed to be enjoying in a bountiful fashion is a harvest.

I believe that a harvest of souls is destined to be influenced into the Kingdom of God in an unprecedented [or unparalleled] fashion. People that you never thought would be saved, will bow their knee to the King of Kings and serve Him with their whole hearts.

However, looking at this word further, you find that it speaks of "The gathering of agricultural crops.

This gathering of crops during the time the scripture here was released by the Lord represented "That which the farmers labored for. Some crops depending on what was desired, especially orange groves, fig trees, pineapples, etc., took years before they realized the benefits from their labor.

In our society, our harvest is the places of employment, investments [both spiritual and natural] and businesses that we have that we also labor in. Some of the benefits that we are going to enjoy will be great because we've labored years seemingly without result. This harvest will not come without extending our faith and being diligent in the things of the Lord.

As we said, this bountiful harvest will be unmatched and will be one that extends throughout the year.

Although the amount of the harvest corporately will be extraordinary, the fact that it will last throughout the year is not unusual.

Biblically, there are feasts that the children of Israel celebrated that were based on the harvests they reaped. Honoring God they, would serve Him and bless Him by acknowledging that what they received came from His hand.

During that time, the harvests of major crops became the occasions for the three principal feasts where the nation would gather and celebrate the provision of God:

Passover (actually the earlier Feast of Unleavened Bread with which it was combined) marking the barley harvest in April or May (Exod. 34:18“20).

Pentecost (the Feast of Weeks) observing the wheat harvest in June (Lev. 23:15“21; Exod. 23:16, "feast of harvest),

Feast of Booths or Tabernacles in October celebrating the grape harvest (Deut. 16:13“16; Exod. 23:16, "feast of ingathering).

Other harvests included flax in March and April (Josh. 2:6),

The summer fruits (grapes and late figs) in August and September,

And then there was the harvest of olives from mid-September to mid-November.

You see God blessing His people throughout the year has always been His intent. He is still looking for people to fulfill the Covenant through.

Even the hard pathways are going to produce abundance in this upcoming season.

Many of us have already gone through this path, some may be on it right now, but the promise of God is that these hard pathways are going to overflow with abundance.

This abundance includes resource, but again going back to the beginning of the teaching you see that joy and peace, love and grace; a calm mind and God's assurance that salvation has come to our lives and families.

Let's wrap our faith around what God wrote and be recipients of the "goodness of the Lord in the Land of the living. King David said in Psalm 27 NKJV:

13 I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

14 Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord!

The Message Bible says:

            13 I'm sure now I'll see God's goodness in the exuberant earth.

14 Stay with God! Take heart. Don't quit. I'll say it again: Stay with God.

Exuberant: Lively, joyful, growing profusely [abundantly and plentifully].

You've come too far to quit now. We might as well continue to trust and believe as you're closer to the manifestation of God's promise than when you first believed.