What We Believe


A Full Gospel Pentecostal Church who believes that the Bible is God's Holy Word and is given to us to be our Standard of Faith and practice and reveal God's desire for moral living which leads to eternal life.

We believe:

† The Scriptures as being inspired by God

† The One True Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

† Jesus Christ as being born of a virgin and living a sinless life

† Jesus Christ dying a sinners death to give life to the world

† Mankind's fallen condition, requiring the need for a Savior

† Mankind's ONLY hope for eternal life is through Jesus Christ

† Being Born Again by the Spirit, therefore being "Saved" John 3:3

† Water Baptism through immersion

† Baptism in the Holy Spirit evidenced by "speaking in tongues"

† The indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit as a gift from God

† The spiritual, motivational and ministerial gifts given to and operating in the Church

† The Lord's Supper as the New Covenant in Christ's Blood

† The Church as being the Body of Christ here in the earth

† The return of Jesus Christ for His Church, [The Rapture]

† The Lake of Fire being reserved for all who reject the Atoning work of Jesus Christ for his or her sins

† The Millennial Reign of Christ in this earth for 1,000 years

† Living in a New Heaven and New Earth throughout eternity